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So, “Under the Ice” has been nominated to Sitges Festival. It’s so weird when something so extraordinary becomes something ordinary.


Ok, I’ll put you up to date:

“Under the Ice” is the new short film created by my good friend and film director Àlvaro Rodriguez Areny. He is responsible for some awarded short films like “Le Blizzard” or “Wolves”, and every single time, he has managed to get his short films nominated in such a big Festival like “Sitges Film Festival“. I can’t explain you how difficult is to get there, so his achievement is incredible.

He has a thing for second world war thematic but this time he decided to go with something else, but I don’t want to spoil anything!. Truth is that terror is something in common in every story he tells.




"Under the Ice" Cover
“Under the Ice” nominated for Sitges Festival

Every time Àlvaro has done a short film, he has trusted us, the Sonnos team, to make the music. He has always been a Persefone fan since he was a kid and it seems that he trusts us. And we love that he does. But truth be told, working in this short films is always challenging. If you know me as a musician, you know I love making melodies, beautiful orchestral compositions, but Àlvaro doesn’t need any of that. As he told me in “Le Blizzard”: “One note!”. And that was what he really needed, which is perfectly fine! It’s all about creating an atmosphere, a scary or tense one preferably. So I need to figure out how to make a music that tells the story, helping it to develop and guide the image in the correct direction, and trying to make it interesting at the same time.

I don’t know how many synths I’ve used in this production. Synth, noises, pads, instruments that I’ve distorted and corrupt to make them sound weird. If it sounds beautiful, I need to crack it somehow until it becomes a strange salad of sound that looks more like a sound texture than an actual piece of music. And believe me, this is not easy to do (at least for me). We all know how to make noise, but creating a noise that makes sense and it’s controlable, that’s not that simple.

But one of the reasons why Àlvaro is a great story teller is because his stories never leave you without an impact. I can perfectly remember that “Le Blizzard” created a WTF feeling in me. And believe me that “Under the Ice” won’t leave you indifferent. Music wise, we have room for those emotional parts that I love so much, not only tense and scary pads!.

Having “Under the Ice” nominated to Sigtes, makes me think that once the judges check it, they will love it! And I really think this is award material.




So, while the film is being wrapped up, I’m preparing the soundtrack so that you can listen to it, so stay tuned to my portfolio, as I will release it next Monday!

Until then, thanks for reading!

Have a great week!

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