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Long time due, now you can enjoy two of my soundtracks in my portfolio page and my Soundcloud!

Very few things make me happier than working on a film. I can see the development, how everything grows from the script to the final color staging. When the film arrives in my hands, everything is in their last steps, and it’s important to keep that in mind because it means that the director, the producer, etc, tend to be tired. Make their journey easy is one of my biggest goals. I want to create a music cue that they will love and then move forward to the next. They don’t like it, let’s talk and see what needs to be improved. Should I change it completely? Ok! I can do that. Should we make it simpler? Ok, I can do that. And then I make it quick!

With music all images come to life. I’ve seen the same movie with and without music and the feeling is completely different. It’s my job to figure out the way the best way to tell the story that the director has in mind in every scene.

Nick (aka Outlier) by José Pozo

This is the first movie I did. Feeling that someone who has won a Goya Award trusts you for his project felt like a huge responsiblity . Of course, today I can see the mistakes we did, what could be improved, but still is a soundtrack that I can feel proud of.

Mr Hand Solo by Hector Romance

My first documentary. The story of David Aguilar, a guy who made a Lego Prosthetic for his arm. Do you know when you see people creating something great from simple ideas? He is one of them. That’s something anyone could have think of, but he was the first, and he got a Guiness Records Award for that! A story about bullying, difficult life paths, overcoming his own difficulties. I had the chance to put in practice a bunch of stuff I had learnt not so long ago about synths, sound design, and how small details can change a whole piece of music. Really proud of this.

Of course, both soundtracks couldn’t be possible without the help of my team and colleagues Carlos Lozano, and Pere Revert. Music comes to life when you guys are in the equation!

Sonnos Andorra forever!

You can listen to this soundtracks in my Portfolio or in my SoundCloud page.

Thanks for share your time with me!

See you soon!

Miguel Espinosa

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