Hello guys!!

In the last few days we have gone nuts in Persefone and we have announce not one but TWO tours! Touring and touring is what is expecting us in 2023!


A few years back, we played in Mexico City right before a US tour that we would be doing right after. We never knew what kind of reaction from fans we would have there, but their answer was crazy. I remember arriving in the venue and there was people waiting outside already. By the time of the show, four hundred passionate fans where there! At that very moment we NEEDED to greet everyone of them, so after the show, we literally spend some time with all of them. But the thing I remember with love is their reaction while we were on the stage. Passion! We never saw such thing. But not everthing could be perfect and by the end of the show, we started having issues with the venue power system and we weren’t able to end the last two songs. So we promised ourselves to go back.

And here we are. A lot has happened ever since and now we have Metanoia and three shows in Mexico in sight! But not only that! Now Perú and Chile are also in the planning. And again that feeling of not knowing what to expect from those countries but I have to tell you, we have been receiving messages for years from there so, being 20 people or 400, we will play with the same intensity! We can’t wait to be there.



If you have checked the tour poster, we have several days between the mexico dates and Perú and Chile. So promoters from other countries have reached us. So there’s an actual chance that we will end up having more shows. Of course, there’s a lot to discuss about that, and some offers might not be serious ones. These things actually happen but we are positively expecting that some of those are real promoters and that some more shows will be added!

Cross your fingers if you live in south america! Let me know in the comments where are you from! I can’t wait to meet you all!



This is kind of a dream coming true. A few years back we had this situation while touring Aathma in which NeO (Ne Obliviscaris) and Persefone were touring at the same time. Needless to say how bad that was for both bands because music wise we are close bands, and fans had to decided which band to go. Then we arrived in Hamburg and Persefone was playing in a venue and NeO were playing in another venue!! Same venue, two bands that could perfectly fit together in the same tour! So we met Tim Charles and we knew that at some point we would end up touring with them.

This suspition was clearer when Tim Charles became our manager! So we’ve been working with him for some years now to put Persefone in a bigger spot in the music business. We are now in Napalm Records, supported by Avocado Bookings in Europe and great things happening to the band, like an absolute successful tour with Obscura during the past month of October.

So finally, at some point during the last year we received a touring routing with them, and everthing started to be real!

So in two days, we have announced two tours, and believe me that we haven’t finished working on touring options! But by now, we have work to do to prepare these two properly!



So, some of you might be wondering this, as you know that I couldn’t go to the Obscura tour. I recently adopted a child and I’ve been focusing a lot on him along with my wife because, believe me, he needs it.

So, I’m going to be in both tours. That, at least is the initial plan and we are all moving in that direction. Things with my son are not perfect and we are living a very important moment in which we are addressing trauma and I think that by the time the tour arrives, everything will be better and I’ll be able to leave. Latin America tour is around 10 days, which is totally doable. NeO tour is a lot longer but is also some month later so I have time to deal with my family and I’m pretty positive that I will be there.

I talked some to some of you during the Obscura tour and you know how hard that was for me, and how sad I was about not being able to be with my band on tour. But I also promised that I’d be back. So, see you soon, either in South America, or Europe!


Have a wonderful day!

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