Hello guys!!

The summer is almost gone and there’s a lot of things that I have been involved in the last months. As always I’ll be a bit crytpic with some of them as I cannot really say what are those about yet, but some of them are really exciting!


The album is mixed and mastered! This has probably been the most challenging album to create since we are playing together. The amount of resources used in all levels have gone over to roof. Summing them up more or less:

  • We’ve purchased a lot of material, from mics, to preamps, guitars, synths,…
  • We got an amazing venue to record the drums of the album in the “Auditori Nacional d’Andorra” courtesy of our government! Thanks for that!
  • We’ve spent a crazy amount of time just writing music and taking care of every single detail.
  • Lots of collaborations from international artists.
  • An inmense amount of tracks related directly to productions (extra guitars, synths, sound design, noises,…) to make it sound like any other Persefone album ever.

I’m probably forgetting many stuff but you can have an idea.

Then we have announced a tour in November with Obscura! This will take us to 22 shows around the continent arriving to countries we have never played before, such as Poland!

It’s not everyday that we jump to a tour that lasts a month, but since we are trying to grow a lot we are putting a lot of effort to make this kind of tours happen.

As a final detail about Persefone, but not less important, we have signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records! Needless to say how huge this is for us. Let’s see what they can do for us but I’m pretty positive that the band’s growth is going to increase dramatically.



As some of you know, Sonnos is the house of all the rest of the stuff that happens in my life. We can range from Kids TV series like Momonsters, to videogames, to advertising music, to whatever means ad hoc music. So I’ve been really busy in this matter!

I have two projects with two really big companies in Andorra from which I cannot say anything right now, but I want to mention so that I can get back to this in the future. Not long from now 😉


We have started the second season of Momonsters. I love this fellas. This season is funnier in my opinion and the jokes are wiser. I think we are half way of the production at this point and I have laugh a lot by now.



Also I’ve been writing the soundtrack for the new short film of Àlvaro Rodriguez Areny, called “Under the Ice”. This is a terror short film that looks amazing. I’m sure this is going to be a really successful short film. Soon you’ll be able to listen the whole soundtrack in my Soundcloud page or in my Portfolio.


Finally we are working in a new soundtrack for a videogame from the company GoodGame. This is a challenging soundtrack as, usually, we are allowed to be more creative but in this case the music really needs to be something the goes with the action but doesn’t take any of the attention from the player. This is something I’m particularly not good at haha but thank god I have my colleagues at Sonnos that help me with this task and we are putting everything together just fine!


Finally, as you may have realized, I’ve changed the website and there’s a lot of content that is missing but that I’m slowly adding. The news blog is a big step I’m happy!


So it’s August 27th and summer is almost gone. Time for new challenges!

See you soon!

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