We are starting 2022 and from time to time, life and work gets to an “overload” position and it makes it difficult to be up to date with everything. The amount of work I’ve been dealing with in the last three months has been huge and, as it usually happens, I cannot yet always share everything I do here with you, but some of it, I can!


Maja has and hability to morph in different kinds of artists and it always surprises me.

We have gone through a lot of different musical styles ranging from jazz, funk to even eurodance. And now Maja asked me to work on a new song that should be a tango. Of course, I’m not an expert on this music style so I started studying some of the basics to create something that could be considered in that musical style.

And “Voleo Lineal” is the song that we finally did.

Mixed by Oriol Crespo, I’m glad I could work on this song. Let me know in the comments your thoughts about it.

You can listen the track in my portfolio



Of course, Persefone is probably the project that has kept me the busiest these days. We have done A LOT of interviews and we have finally released the new album, “metanoia”.

I’m feeling really proud these days about my band members that are working hard to make this release the very best ever.

In a personal note, I’ve felt overwhelmed about the amount of praising and love my job in the album has received. For me it was always a bet to add so many layers of instrumentation on it, as it could cause people to hate it, but I think it has gone in the other direction and people is loving it.

BUT, it would be unfair to keep all the credit as Carlos Lozano and Bobby Verdeguer have been a big part of the result of the overall sound of the albums. Not all keyboards and synths are my doing, although I have executed them. A lot of those layers are my colleagues additions and it’s very important because it makes it richer than it would be if it was only me.

You can find everything related to album (where to listen to it, where to purchase merch, etc) in this link

And here I leave a couple interview I’ve done.


Thanks for reading and for staying there!

Love you all!

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