Hi guys!
A few months back I’ve been working on Supremacy 1 soundtrack. After a few time, some new tracks where required and I worked on four new ones:  
  • THE GREAT WAR: A victory track! That one was definitely missing. I’ve enjoyed a lot playing this one in particular. There’s something great about being able to do this kind of traks and it’s that I create the full orchestra, except for the instrument carrying the main melody, in this case, 9 french horns. Then I play record the melody and damn that feels good!
  • PREPARING THE TRENCHES: This track has a particular thing that I enjoy a lot: Arabian vibes! For some reason, I’ve always loved this kind of atmospheres. They give this sensation of mistery along with beauty that I think can only be achieved with this kind of music.
  • UNDERCOVER: Short interlude filled with mistery and tension!
  • THE END: A credits kind of track. I liked the idea of starting with harp, as it’s an instrument sometimes considered as sweet, but I wanted to use it to create this kind of emptiness, sadness vibe…
I hope you guys enjoy this tracks as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them! Thanks again to the guys in Bytro Labs to give me the oportunity to create these tracks. I have to say that these songs and the way they turn out to be, aren’t the usually strategy game music, that needs to be softer, with less dynamic, even a bit less “focus catch” (if that’s actually a thing!), but the guys in Bytro were open minded enough to give them credit and put it in their game. Kudos!
Have a great day!
PS: You can play the game in this link

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