Hi guys!
It took a while but here it is! Truth Inside the Shades 2020 is here. It was our first release back in 2004 and now we have rerecorded the whole thing, remixed and remastered.
It’s true that this idea has been around for a while, even from the remix we did for Core, that initially was planned as a rerecording as we have done with “Truth Inside the Shades”, but back then we had a lot of work in other areas, we were writing the new Persefone album and we had no time for doing such a huge work. So once we were about to finish the promotion of “Aathma”, we decided that rerecording our first album would not be as a huge process as with “Core”.
We started the process last year and we didn’t have the older tracks so we needed to redo everything from scratch. It has been a gigantic work only to get the drums, bass and guitars recorded. Although it wasn’t in that particular order. Since we knew the songs, we started working on keyboards. We needed a fresher approach to music that was almost 20 years ago. Back then we had the spirit and we had the ideas, but not the knowledge we have today to make them happen as they sound in our minds, so I put on my producer gloves to make the keyboards sound more modern.
The first thing I found is that the approach back then was very different. It’s very rare to listen to music now that have keyboard riffs, as it happens in “The Whisper of Men”. A lot of stuff has been added like sound design. Pulses, swooshes, downers. Those are elements that we didn’t know back then. Now they are in the songs, even if you can’t listen to them. They make the effort behind (I bet you cannot listen to bassoons, or even violas when you listen to an orchestra, but there they are!).
The other side are the orchestras! It’s incredible what you can achieve only with sound libraries. True that they will never substitute a real orchestra, but the realism is incredible. Here’s a small snipet video of how I worked the orchestras in the song “The Whisper Of Men”
After that I had the chance of singing the songs again! Of course, it’s worth mentioning that, even though Carlos Lozano did an amazing job back in the day, but having Marc Martins singing the songs in the studio was a blast. He is a beast! But regarding the clean vocals, I’ve found them really challenging. I feel myself more as a singer nowadays but back in the day my register was way lower, so I’ve had some difficulties singing those parts. Anyway, I’ve been able to give them more power more interpretation and I’m really happy about it.
Once everything was done, we started the mixing process with Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio. Maybe you don’t know this guy, but he has worked with Devin Townsend, Ayreon or Pain of Salvation. He has done an amazing job!
Now the album sounds as it was intended back in the day.
We are very happy with the result and the appreciation of our fans both in Patreon and in social media.
You guys are the best!
if you want to check the album, you can check different options in this link:

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