And the day arrived! And we put that single out. I won’t deny it. Every time we release and album or a single, I stick in front of the computer to see your reactions, read your comments… I love that feeling because I know it’s the die hard fans of the band that will be keeping track of the time to see if the song is already out. And their reactions are priceless. Now a new album is annouced, Metanoia, a musical journey for a spiritual breakthrow. And the single is called Merkabah.

It’s the first time we release a single with a big label, Napalm Records and we are starting to realize what that means. I think that, although in the past we have worked with really pro people, having a big label behind with a lot of people working and pushing at once  to make a release succesful makes a difference. Luckily for us, we have Napalm and we know they really love the band so we are really happy with it.


This is not new for any band, I know it. But it’s endlessly eassier (imo) to write a hard rock or a heavy metal album than a progressive metal album. We have literally thrown over 20 minutes of music to the dustbin simply because it wasn’t good enough. We have spent days and days struggling with a couple notes that aren’t the ones that should be. We have gone through every single bar, beat, note of this album to make sure it sounds as we want it to. That is PAINFUL. There’s A LOT of sound design, layering, extra guitars that you may or may not notice. It’s all about the music, about the sound texture we create in every single moment. It all needs to be there, it has to be right and we cannot add a layer because of reasons, just because the music needs it.


There’s a common process in which Carlos starts looking for an idea at home, ranging from something basic, to a complete riff that we can listen to directly. Then Bob and Carlos come to my studio to work on that particular idea. After two or three hours, there are mainly two outcomes: We leave happy with a new part that works or we leave frustrated and possibly after a fight, because we haven’t been capable of making the stuff work. There’s no middle ground. This means that in that particular day, we might have written 30 seconds of music.

During the writing process at the studio, we work on rhýthmic parts, basic keyboard ideas, complementary guitars and we leave an idea with the drums and guitars created. The song keeps growing from there.

Then I work on keyboards, orchestras and sound design. Sometimes it takes me a couple hours to put everything together for that particular part that we’ve worked on. If there’s not much stuff, it can be less. Other times it takes me days, above all if there’s orchestra involved.

Then I present the idea to Carlos and Bob and they give me feedback. Maybe it works, maybe won’t. Maybe it will need some tweeks, here or there. Once we are happy with that particular part we analyze it to see how it works throughout the song. We have drums, rhythmic guitars, bass all the song, being coherent. Keyboards should be coherent too and not just random sounds going from one part to the next. Only that way we achieve the sensation of “Be a journey” when people listen our songs.

I think we can last over a month to write a whole song like Merkabah. And now it’s in your hands


Let me know what do you think about the song 😉 If you haven’t you can listen to it here:


Have a great and safe day!

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