New “Buy Me A Coffee” Site!

Hello everybody!

I’ve just opened a new “Buy me a coffee” site. It is being a hard time for me, as a musician. Recession and economic crisis is hitting hard on the media business and that has made my business to decay. I won’t lie to you when I say that I’m kinda worried about my company because of the lack of paid jobs I’m getting. So I’ve decided that is a good time to share with you what I do in life. There’s a time for harvest, and there’s a time for plant. Now we are in the plant time.

This page, as some of you know, works with as a membership suscription or as a support (that you make punctually). I’ve decided to do the membership REALLY cheap, 3€/month, and you’ll get almost everything there’s to get. I’m not complicating things with different tiers. Only two:

  • Home: You get insights on my work, access to trading videos I do, and access to adoption posts I will be publishing.
  • The Production Team: Exactly the same benefits than in “Home” but you’ll have one hour videocall each month to talk about your projects and how I can help you with them.

I think this can be fun for all of us, for me to create content that, in the end, I enjoy doing, and for you because  you get a lot of content for just 3€/month.

So, allow me to ask you to invite me to a coffee. We will stay in close contact, share and discuss topics, and I’ll be willing to know more about what you want from this page, and how I can adapt to make it more appealing to you.

Thanks in advance and below you’ll find a link to my page in case you want to support me.

Here you have an extra video with more information about it.


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