Yesterday I shared with you one of the songs I wrote with Maja sometime back: Never Loved You. But as you may know, social media is weird when it comes to share videos so I’ve decided to put some songs I’ve written with Maja (me and my partners in Sonnos Andorra, Carlos and Pere) in my portfolio, so that you can listen to what we do with her.

I think she’s really prolific and you can find some nice songs in there.

As I said in the post yesterday Maja usually plays some sort of jazz/soul music but lately we have been exploring other styles, such as Eurodance, or really modern Pop.

It’s really challenging when she arrives in the studio and tells us the idea she has in mind. References here and there, she sings the song a cappella and from that, we start working. Clear guidelines, melodies, everything helps and when we have an idea that she likes, we polish it. Everyday is a different story and we need to be in our best open minded mindset to be able to achieve the goal she wants to reach. To this day, I think we have a really big success ratio!


So the songs I have added are:

  • Never Loved You – A jazz/pop song. I like that the vibe is totally jazz, but the harmony is simpler. The sax solo was played by Suso Real.
  • Different Kind Of Music – This song also has that jazz vibe. In the case we are followed by a brass section.
  • Wrong Turn – I think this is the craziest song we have ever written with Maja. It’s like a crazy piano solo all the time, with a really fast jazzy drum track.
  • You Were Wrong – We are going “country” in this song. When Maja arrives in the studio and tells you “I only want a bass drum in the song”, it’s when you realize she knows exactly what she wants.
  • Good As New – Let’s swing! This song has a really funny solo part in the middle of it where Carlos’ guitar and my piano joins the big band an Suso’s sax!

If you have the time to listen to them, let me know in the comments what do you think 😉



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