Today is the day! “Life is a Dream” first single is released!

Approximately in February this year we started working on tracks with Merethe (we as in Sonnos team). We had several videocalls with her and we had some sort of plan. The whole idea was to do an EP that should be ready once Two Steps From Hell tour starts on June 13th.

So as we were doing the first track, I received the call to come to Dominican Republic for the adoption. I came here with my family and started the process. A few weeks later I had this meeting with Merethe and I promised her that we would the album no matter what is going on with my life.

Truth be told, the process has been crazy difficult. I’ve felt inspired to work on the tracks and that helped, but when your life is a mess it’s hard to work on a project this big. We managed to put together four amazing tracks and today we are presenting you the first one: Life is a Dream.

Why “Life is a Dream”? We talked about this and we loved the idea that it would mean something different to everyone each person. Is it a dream as in a wonderland? Is it a dream as in a hologram as some researchers think? Is it a dream as in Matrix? Everyone can have a different idea and we loved that.

I remember working on the piano of the track, and I loved the idea of changing keys to make it look like a journey. I could never anticipate how big that journey would be…


Purchase this track at: https://merethesoltvedt.bandcamp.com/track/life-is-a-dream-single

The EP will be available on June 29th in Bandcamp exclusively and will be released on the rest of the streaming platforms on July 4th.


Purchase this track at:

Bandcamp: https://merethesoltvedt.bandcamp.com/track/life-is-a-dream-2


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Song Credits

Music by Moe Espinosa and Merethe Soltvedt.

Lyrics by Merethe Soltvedt and Moe Espinosa

Vocals: Merethe Soltvedt

Keyboards and sound design: Moe Espinosa

Orchestrations: Ram Khat and Moe Espinosa

String section by Budapest Scoring Orchestra

Mixed by Pere Revert (Sonnos Andorra)

Mastered by Justin Perkins at My Mystery Room Mastering

Artwork by Kai Dörner

Layout by Karen Figueiredo


With the collaboration of Government of Andorra

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