Adoptions: Myths (I)

There’s a book a like a lot that is called “The Four Agreements” in which one of the agreements states:

Never assume

It’s been years since I read this book and some of those agreements took time to reach me, but this one hit me hard. To be honest, it’s crazy difficult not to find yourself assuming stuff, and to be honest, most of the time you are either completely wrong or simply wrong in some percentage.

When it comes to adoptions, there are A LOT of assumptions. A lot of “common knowledge” that is simply false. And people constantly come to me and my wife with some of it (I guess to educate us). And at that point we have the option of nodding as if they were right to avoid getting into a useless debate, or tell them the reality and deal with people that actually want to learn, or with people that will show the best version of their condescendent face.

Let’s address some of those myths:

(This is based on my experience solely, it might no be applicable to other adoption circumstances)

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