Hi guys!
Sorry for stopping updating! I’ve been busy lately and combined with Christmas and New Year “holidays”, I had no time to update.
So, the last months several stuff has been going on. I’ve done recordings for artists, I’ve worked on videogame music, and also I’ve been working on my band’s sixth album.


I’ve been doing recordings for Maja Spencer. My partners in Sonnos and I have been working with her for years, and now she has a bunch of songs ready.
For some of them I’ve been working as a producer, for some others I’ve been merely adding the ideas she has in mind. It has been fun and she is now searching for the right label to release her music.
Crossing fingers for that to happen soon!


For several years we have been working with Stillfront Group studios like Bytro and GoodGame Studios. Big Farm Story, from GoodGame, has been recently released in Steam and we worked all the music and FXs. For this game we didn’t wanted to get in the typical farm videogame music and we wanted to add something extra to it.
So a couple months ago we were asked to add a couple more songs for two different areas of the videogame: Mole Island and Rusty Hook. Here you have a small video from Mole Island. We needed to get “an adventurous vibe but never leaving behind a relaxed atmosphere”. That was quite a task. How do you get adventurous and relaxed at the same time? So I thought of someone who achieved that idea in a wonderfull way: The great Thoman Newman. I’ll let you guess which of his soundtracks I got the inspiration from. It’s always nice to learn fromt the greatest!


So finally, I’ve been working a lot on the new Persefone album. It’s our sixth album and we need to have it ready by final March. To be fair, I wanted to have some holidays in Christmas season but we needed to end the writing process so that we can spend January and February recording. So we got in the studio hard and spent December and a part of January finishing the songs.
The writing process in Persefone is crazy difficult. We need to have everything in mind, structures, melodies, harmony left behind, riffs, rhythms, because it’s really easy to get lost in the song and that in the end it doesn’t have any sense (songwriting wise). But we managed to stay focused and we have finished the writing process.
Now I’m recording keyboards and synths, orchestras and making the sound design. I expect to have the biggest part ready for February 1st. All in all, I’m dealing with nearly 60 tracks. For the orchestra I’m mainly working on strings section, as the vibe for this album requires a bigger job on that part. But synths are taking the biggest part of it! In how I’m enjoying it! I have never worked a Persefone album to this level and I can’t wait you guys to listen to it.
Other than that, I received a couple orchestra books as a Christmas present: “Batman” from Danny Elfman and “How to Train Your Dragon” by Jonh Powell. This is a crazy present and now I understand why some people have the success they have. It’s incredible what they can achieve in music. A lot to learn, but now I have it near so that I can do it by myself!
Have a great day guys and thank you for reading!

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